Ann Strite-Kurz
BASK1: The Heart of Blackwork
Ann Strite-Kurz The Heart of Blackwork Book

This book is a comprehensive manual on the double running or reversible method of executing blackwork embroidery. The forty-page text includes explicit instructions that are suitable for both beginners and advanced embroiderers. It also discusses many ways to refine the appearance of double running paths by merely making small changes in the sequences used or by strategic planting of the needle on the return trip. Fifty original patterns are presented in detail along with complete instructions for two geometric samplers that incorporate many of these patterns. Many of the patterns are composite arrangements that combine blackwork frameworks with additional accents of laidwork and/or texture stitches. Some patterns combine or layer two compatible blackwork networks, making intricate shading possible without interrupting the sequence. Front and back color covers are included along with sixteen color plates of Ann's embroideries to illustrate how such patterns can be used successfully in sophisticated designs. In addition, there is a chapter on pattern design with guidelines for both developing patterns and charting appropriate sequences.

Author: Ann Strite-Kurz
Title: The Heart of Blackwork
# of Pages: 220
Published Date: 1992
Publisher: Ann Strite-Kurz
ISBN: Softcover 0-9633259-1-4
Hardcover 0-9633259-0-6
Price: Softcover $38.00
Hardcover $45.00
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