dede Ogden
DEO1: Elephant on Parade
dede Ogden Design: Elephant on Parade Designed for the accomplished beginner stitcher who wishes the experience of unusual threads not yet experienced. Flair, Silk & Ivory, Perle #3, enhanced with bells that are included.  Each handpainted canvas includes instructions, bells, and charts of stitches like Giant Dots, Diagonal Weaving and Gobelin.  dede's Basics for Needlepoint Booklet is included.  If threads are required, contact your local shop or dede Ogden at the office address shown on the order form.

Technique: Canvas/Needlepoint
Ground: 13 count/mesh canvas
Level: Basic
Size: 5" x 5 "
Price: $30.00
To Order: dede's Order Form
Kit Includes: Painted Canvas, instructions, booklet & bell accents; threads optional if requested
Multiple Orders: Commercial shops and guilds: Inquire about multiple order discount for 6 or more

DEO1: Elephant on Parade
DEO2: Three Peonies
DEO3: Holiday Party Cat
DEO4: Handpainted Charms
DEO5: Thread - Glaze
DEO6: Thread - Prisms
DEDE7: Thread - Lume'
DEO8: Thread - Lacquered Jewels
DEO9: Thread - VaVoom
DEO10: Quack "Man" Duck
DEO11: Thread - Silkbee
DEO12: Pace Needle
DEO 13: All American Girl
DEO 14: Seasons of the Sun
DEO15: More Shadow Stitching
DEO16: Strawberry Ornaments/Emery 1008
DEO17: Strawberry Ornaments/Emery 1008a
DEO18: Humphrey Camel
DEO19: Shell Maiden

BDEO1: The Basics of Needlepoint
DEO20: That's Not Needlepoint
DEO21: That's Not Needlepoint II
DEO22: A to Z Needlepoint Glossary

Cyber Classes
DEOC1: Mrs McGregor's Sunrise Bunny
DEOC2: Rainbow Circle of Hearts
DEOC3: Vineyard Season
DEOC4: Oval Koi Pond

Dede's Bio

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