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MSS2: DMC Floche
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DMC Floche
In 87 colors which are dyed at the same time as D.M.C.
Stranded cotton (Art. 117), Floche is a 5-ply, lightly twisted, highly
mercerized (shiny) cotton embroidery thread. Remember.. Ply is Part of a thread and is NOT to be separated. Suitable for use on canvas (4 strands
upright and 3 strands diagonally on 18 count), Smocking, Blackwork, soft
shading and surface embroidery, monogramming and Ecclesiastical embroidery.
It is not recommended for Hardanger or pulled stitches because of its soft twist. It looks and feels like silk, yet works out at about 3c a yard. One skein contains approximately 168 yards.

DMC Floche Inventory #'s

Technique: Needlework
Level: All
Price: DMC Floche $5.75/skein; 1/2 skein (100 strands) $3.10; 1/4 skein (50 strands) $1.80
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