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Rainbow Gallery Gold Rush 14
Page Updated: October 31. 2009

Brassy Gold

WG61C Cornflower Blue J41C Rose
WG2C Gold WG62C Blue J42C Sky Blue
WG3C Gold 'N Silver WG63C Dark Blue J43C Violet
WG4C Arctic Gold WG64C Midnight Blue J50C Pewter
WG5C Silver WG70C Pale Lilac J51C Brown
WG6C Spanish Silver WG71C Pale Mauve
WG9C Bronze WG72C Mauve 202C Gold/Pink/Blue
WG23C Copper WG73C Dark Mauve 203C Aqua Multi
WG25C Pale Gold WG74C Deep Mauve 205C Pink/Blue/Gold
WG27C Vatican Gold WG80C Black Silver 208C Jade Multi
WG31C Black WG81C Burgundy 209C Brown Mix
WG32C Dark Brown WG82C Dk. Forest Green 210C White Pearl
WG33C Olive WG83C Black Gold 211C Gold Shimmer
WG34C Green WG84C Deep Blue 213C Orange Shimmer
WG35C White Gold WG85C Deep Purple 215C Yellow Shimmer
WG36C Jet Blue WG86C Lilac 216C Lavender Mix
WG37C Turquoise WG87C Aquamarine 229C Gray Multi
WG38C Red WG88C Peach 231C Black Mix
WG39C Orange Gold WG89C Lite Blue 234C Green Mix
WG40C Fuchsia WG92C Antique Gold 236C Dark Blue Mix
WG41C Pink WG93C Dark Silver 237C Night Sky Blue
WG42C Pale Blue WG94C Gunmetal 238C Red Mix
WG43C Purple WG95C Spanish Gold 241C Pink Mix
WG44C Forest Green WG96C Aqua Ice 242C Pale Blue Mix
WG46C Cherry WG97C Mayan Gold 246C Forest Green Multi
WG47C Orange WG98C Peacock Blue 248C Burgundy Multi
WG51C Jade Sparkle J31C Obsidian 249C Copper Multi
WG53C Violet Blush J34C Grass 250C Dark Red Multi
WG54C Pale Rose J36C Sapphire 251C Blue Shimmer
WG55C Old Rose J37C Aqua 252C Brite Orange


Baby Blue

J38C Chinese Red 286C Violet Multi
To use the Thread Inventory System to keep track of your inventory, print the pages and insert in a notebook/binder.

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