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Rainbow Gallery Wisper
Wisper Color Card | Page Updated: October 3, 2008
W55 Discontinued
W56 Discontinued W80 Moss Green
W57 Discontinued W81 Discontinued
W58 Discontinued W85 Olympic Blue
W59 Discontinued W86 Pink
W60 Gray Heather W87 Christmas Green
W61 Dark Gray Heather W88 White
W62 Charcoal Heather W89 Ecru
W63 Pale Beige Heather W90 Tan
W64 Beige Heather W92 Olive
W68 Dark Tan W93 Delft Blue
W69 Mahogany W94 Lite Violet
W70 Red W95 Navy Bllue
W71 Dark Red W97 Dark Gray
W72 Burgundy W98 Gray
W74 Discontinued W99 Black
W75 Brown W101 Pearl Gray
W76 Dark Brown W102 Dark Pearl Gray
W77 Russet W105 Hazelnut
W78 Discontinued W106 Dark Hazelnut
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